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Graphic designer                                            Art Director                                        Video editor                                         Visual artist




Multidisciplinary graphic designer.

I started as a graphic designer more than 10 years ago, after completing my degree at the School of Visual Arts and Multimedia (ESAV) in Marrakech, besides several internships in different companies in Morocco. During my studies, I specialised in visual identity, video, animation, digital signage, web design and photography, among others.

After graduating at ESAV Marrakech, a school with renowned graphic designers in France, I had the opportunity to do my internship in Paris as a magazine editor, during which I met important designers and artists belonging to a collective of independent designers.

After my stay in Paris, I returned to Marrakech and started my career as a freelancer. I had then started working for a French communication agency, where I worked as a graphic designer and post-production for 2 years. I remained with this company until I decided to come to Spain to start a Master's degree in Visual Arts and Multimedia at the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV), during which I acquired and expanded my knowledge and skills in video, 3D, virtual reality, video mapping and sound, among others. In addition, during the master's degree I developed my knowledge about programming, electronics, interactive installation and interface.

After finishing my master's degree at the UPV and in order to gain work experience in Spain, I realised an internship as a graphic designer in a German multinational company in Valencia (SanLucar Fruits, S.L.).

My universe questions the fight for women's rights, revealing, through my works, the taboos of a traditional, sexist and homophobic society.



⁃ Tout au tour de moi, (video art) Riad Denis Masson in 2014, Marrakech Biennale

⁃ El Foonoon, Féminin Pluriel, Dar Bellarj Foundation, October 2014, Marrakech

⁃ Suzanne, (Photographic installation) in collaboration with the UPV, February 2018, standard gallery, Valencia

⁃ Digital Waves, (video mapping) in collaboration with AVM, Contemporary Cultural Centre of El Carmen, 2018 Valencia.

⁃ Raro, (Photographic exhibition) at the Art and Material gallery of Saint-Amand-en Puisaye, France 2021.

Laila Belkaziz, Valencia, Spain.