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Awareness campaign

Creation of an awareness-raising campaign for young people. Awareness campaign launched by young Moroccans in 2014.

Objective: to represent the main problems of today's society: - Paedophilia - Gender violence - Gender inequality - Prostitution - Rights of expression - Human exploitation.

Objectives: - Raise awareness - Encourage young people to react - Inform about the danger.

How: Through black humour and street-art by means of workshops and lectures. Proceeds go to support the victims of these problems we live with.

Awareness-raising: Street-art based on black humour: creation of stencils, graffiti, posters with messages and quotes in order to raise awareness.

Why black humour?
It is a type of humour that underlines the absurdity of the world with cruelty, bitterness and sometimes despair.
- Entertainment
- Irony
- It has no taboos
- Sometimes evokes horror, disgust and/or despair.
- It has no limits

Why street-art?
It is a contemporary art movement that includes all forms of art performed on the street or in public places - Intended for a wide audience
- Diverse
- Not virtual

Moroccan proverb:
"Walls have ears" but the time has come for those walls to speak and reveal their secrets, their taboos and their "hchouma" (shame). Let's not let them get used to our silence, it's time to speak.
Visual identity

Girl plays with dolls before becoming one of them.

Don't be stubborn and you let go of my feet.

Prostitution, let's talk about it and reveal the hidden background.

This balloon will quickly transport you far away to the world of adults.

Come here, my hen.


Laila Belkaziz, Valencia, Spain.